• A group shot of various served meats on trays
  • A bar area with many bottles stacked on shelves
  • Interior, tables, chairs, counters, various hunting trophies hanging on the wall

Bad Brad's Bar-B-Q Stillwater

About Bad Brad's

Bad Brad’s Bar-B-Q is locally owned and operated serving Oklahoma-Texas style Bar-B-Q with a long standing tradition of smoking meats the old fashion way. By that, we mean we use no electricity or gas to operate our all wood fired pits, some of which are over 30 years old, creating an unbeatable heavy smoke flavor on all of our meats.

We use dry rubs and regional woods to bring out the best flavor in all the meats we smoke. We offer down home, laid back, rustic atmospheres with each location being unique.
We strive to buy local as much as possible to support other local small businesses. Each store proudly supports the local churches, schools and community programs.